Boxes with customized size

Custom Size Boxes

Custom size boxes are used to store items in transit when transporting them to different places. The boxes – also commonly referred to as brown boxes or custom sized boxes are designed using a corrugated fiberboard and more often, they are widely utilized in the transport and shipping industry. A paper board is used to create these boxes. The paper board can have different designs printed on them, bearing the details of the products in transit. Due to the increased necessity to transport goods to the business markets, the demand for corrugated cardboard boxes has also elevated. The boxes are supplied in large numbers to garment and paper industries for packing reasons.

The boxes are designed according to the requirements and needs of the customer; thus, finding one to suit your various needs ought not to be a hard task. Furthermore, some suppliers make cardboard boxes with double or triple protection. This provides assurance to clients in regard to their needs. Essential information is printed on top of these specialized corrugated boxes, which can include details like the name of the commodity, quantity, the batch number, date, location, etc. All the information printed on this custom sized box aids in transporting commodities to their respective locations.

Therefore, if you are in search for the most-excellent corrugated box printers in the market, there is a wide variety of cardboard boxes to choose from including single face boards, single wall boards, double wall boards and triple wall boards. They are available in many local stores since they are very easy to design and more so, they are no expensive. Nevertheless, you might consider buying from online vendors since they avail them to consumers at a considerably cheaper price, from that offered by grocery stores or supermarkets. Carry out some online research before purchase cardboard boxes from any online merchant. More importantly, ensure that you purchase from reliable and competent stores.

  • Various printing methods are employed when writing the text on these boxes. The most recognized printing methods include flexography, screen printing, litho lamination and printing on the paper stock. Some methods are pricey than others, and it all depends with the overall quality of the print. For instance, screen printing offers a much higher-quality design compared to flexography printing, and thus it is also expensive. When deciding which of these major four options to go for, first keep in mind in a few factors such as the quality, set up costs – these are costs for preparing the print as well the unit costs. Although corrugated boxes are easier to make if you follow the right technique and have the necessary materials, printing on these boxes is not an easy task and proper procedure ought to be followed in case you choose to do it yourself.


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