Manufacturing of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are becoming increasingly popular and have now evolved to be part of our daily lives, ever since their discovery over 2000 years ago. When people are moving or they to pack old stuff, store mails or books, corrugated boxes are very essential as they can be used to pack all the heavy items, including the fragile ones. The first thing you ought to do if you are considering using cardboard boxes is the size, which come in varieties. This way, you will be able to choose a box that best suits your needs. Custom sized boxes are available almost everywhere these days; from grocery stores to supermarkets to even departmental stores.


They are designed using a fibrous material that is extracted from paper. In terms of their structure, these boxes are created using linear boards together with flutes. The flute sheets are made using fibrous material and are arranged in a wavy like pattern. These flute sheets are fitted amid the liner boards. Often, the count of the flutes and liners determines how strong the corrugated box is. In essence, the liners are basically air columns that act as cushions. The reliability and strength offered by custom sized boxes have made them to be widely used across the globe for commercial, industrial and shipping activities.

Also known as brown boxes are produced in specific factories referred to as box plants. Brown boxes are produced from corrugated paperboards – these cardboards are much bulky and stiffer than ordinary cardboard. Manufacturing of corrugated boxes often depends on the particular use of the box. After the purpose of the box has been determined, the manufacturer has to decide on the number of flutes and liners. These boards come in various sizes, including:

  • Single face board: this features a coating of a liner – that is fixed on the corrugated medium. The cardboard is used when packaging materials or objects that are lightweight, for example, bulbs.


  • Single wall boards: this one contains two liners, whereby a corrugating medium is sandwiched between the two liners. These types of boards are also the most used, and often they are the ones you will come across.
  • Double wall Boards: these boards have an additional liner that is fitted to another corrugated medium. Aside from being very strong, double wall boards are pretty expensive. They commonly used for stuffing heavy things like furniture.


  • Triple wall Boards: these types of boards contain four liners and also have three corrugating mediums. They are stronger and tougher than the other types of corrugating mediums.


Depending with your requirements, you should be able to know which type of corrugated boxes to go for, now that you know the various categories in the market.


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